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Risk Assessment

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Risk Assessment

  • One of the first steps of performing a risk management analysis is to inspect and identify problem areas which could result in employee injuries. This may include things like improperly stored products, broken or malfunctioning equipment, insufficient safety guards or lockouts for equipment, employees not wearing safety protection gear, slippery areas on the floor, etc. It's the company's responsible to identify and address problem areas such as these through a risk management analysis.
  • Personnel Plus can really benefit businesses with workers’ compensation experience modifiers above 1.00.
  • We can offer sound advice for improving workplace safety and preventing claims from occurring.
  • We will proactively manage your comp claims and work with you to reduce claim costs and investigate potential fraudulence.

We Can:

  • Eliminate Workers' Compensation Down Payment
  • Eliminate Workers' Compensation Audit and Audit Premium
  • Provide Safety Inspections
  • Administer Workers' Comp Claims Management and Processing
  • Investigate and Administrate Fraudulent Workers' Comp Claims
  • Prepare and Represent in Workers' Comp Hearings
  • Coordinate Return to Work and Light Duty Programs

Additionally, we can provide background checks through our associate,
Universal Background Screening
Who is a founding member of National Association of Professional Background Screeners.

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