Personnel Plus is an Employer Services Organization, providing payroll, staffing, recruiting, insurance, and benefit administration to clients in the State of Nevada.

Services include full administration of payroll, including payment of taxes, garnishment, and benefits. Other advantages are worker's compensation coverage for our employees that work at your site, and administering workplace injury claims. Background screening, and drug testing are available for all employees.

Recent News

Posted: 03.01.2017

Direct links to Client Payroll Submission and Employee Paystub Access are now available under "Our Services."

Posted: 02.22.2017

A Direct link to a new page with downloadable commonly used Forms is now available under "Our Services."

Posted: 10.25.2016

Our clients are unencumbered by employees - they are ours for reporting purposes. We maintain the personnel files, EEOC, I-9 and ACA forms and provide reports and audits as required. We also maintain the files for 3 to 7 years after last work date as required by laws. We pay the Federal employer taxes monthly, file 941s quarterly, 944s annually and send out and file W-2s to the employees annually. We pay and file quarterly unemployment reports, quarterly MBT forms and quarterly UI Bond forms. If an employee has a child support or alimony garnishment, we handle the paperwork and payments as well as IRS levies. If an ex-employee files for unemployment, we handle all the paperwork. We provide paychecks and the opportunity for direct deposit or payroll debit card. All the above - and more - are processes and paperwork that we do behind the scenes that our clients no longer have to do. You don't have to purchase a policy or pay premiums - even if folks aren't working. And when / if an employee is injured we make sure the forms / claims / follow-up happens so that the claim is settled appropriately. Call us today to see how we make operating your business easier than ever!

Posted: 9.01.2016

Personnel Plus provides Workers' Compensation insurance rated by A.M. Best as A++, and is rated AA by Fitch and Standard & Poor.